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Tori Ensemble: The Five Directions of Arirang

(Asia Society)

World Music Institute and Asia Society present:

The Five Directions of Arirang

The Tori Ensemble transcends musical borders in its presentation of The Five Directions of Arirang, which mingles jazz, new music, and ancient Korean traditions ranging from shamanistic rituals to court songs. Composed of Korean masters and leading names from New York's cutting-edge music scene, the group features Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo-zither), Erik Friedlander (cello), Kwon Soon Kang (jeongga-vocals), Young Chi Min (daegum-flute, changgo-drum), Ned Rothenberg (clarinets, shakuhachi-flute), and Satoshi Takeishi (percussion).

This program is co-presented by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the Korean Cultural Service New York; and Asia Society.

The program is organized by Gugak FM.


Event Details

Sun 22 Nov 2009
2:30pm - 4:30pm

Merkin Concert Hall at the Kaufman Center, Goodman House, 129 W 67th St. New York City

Tickets: $25, WMI friends $21, students $18