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Sacred Sounds of Tibet: Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen Lhamo is the leading Tibetan vocalist on the world stage. Grounded in spirituality, her music is often described as 'beautifully evocative,' 'mesmerizing,' and 'transcendent.' Born in Lhasa, Lhamo fled Tibet on foot in 1989. At the end of the dangerous 1,000-mile journey across the Himalayas, she arrived in India where she met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who encouraged her to share the richness of Tibetan culture through the beauty of her voice. Her songs take listeners on an emotive journey across plateaus and over vistas. 7pm free pre-performance lecture Women and Spirituality: The Sacred Songs of the Tibetan Ma cig Lab dron by Professor Giacomella Orofino Presented in association with Italian Cultural Institute in New York (www.iicbelgrado.esteri.it) Part of DIVINAMENTE NEW YORK'A Five-Night Festival of the Arts & Spirituality (February 21-26, 2009) (http://www.divinamentenyc.org/)


Event Details

Sat 21 Feb 2009
3:00pm - 5:00pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$20; Seniors, students and members of the Asia Society and the Italian Cultural Institute: $15