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Making a Difference through the Arts

Making a Difference through the Arts: Strengthening America's Links with Muslim Communities in Asia

Arts and culture have a unique potential to strengthen America's ties with Muslim communities in Central, South, and Southeast Asia, according to a new Asia Society report that will be released on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. A series of case studies point to six core principles and strategies, outlined in the report, that exemplify best practices in seeding and cultivating cross-cultural connectivity. The strategies provide useful models for a broad spectrum of interested parties, from policy-makers charged with considering the role of culture in public diplomacy, to academic institutions seeking to enrich international studies programs. According to Rachel Cooper, Asia Society's Director of Cultural Programs and the project director, "Effective cultural exchange arises from keen awareness of cultural distinctions no less than commonalities, and from an intimate familiarity with the cultural practices, beliefs, and worldviews of specific communities."

Please join us for the soft launch of Asia Society's Special Report.

Featured Performances and Program

Kashmiri-American rock band

Papermoon Puppet Theatre
Young Indonesians experimenting with puppetry

Without Shepherds
Clips from a documentary on Pakistan, preceded by a talk with the director

Panel Discussion
Theodore Levin, Rachel Cooper, Zeyba Rahman and Samina Quraeshi

This report is supported by Doris Duke Foundation
for Islamic Art's Building Bridges Program.

Download the report here


Event Details

Wed 28 Apr 2010
2:30pm - 5:00pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Free admission. Please click on the tickets button below to RSVP.