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Hoichi the Earless: from 'Kwaidan' Ghost Story

Clockwise, from left: Kumotaro Mukai; Akiko Sakurai; Kiyoshi Ohira.

The bizarre supernatural tale of Hoichi the Earless (from Kwaidan) is given a surreal spin in a new interpretation by three innovative artists from Japan. Akiko Sakurai, master performer of Japanese vocal music and Satsuma biwa (traditional Japanese lute); Kumotaro Mukai, renowned Butoh dancer from Dairakudakan; and Kiyoshi Ohira, musical disciple of the Saz (Turkish lute) weave traditional and contemporary Japanese performance into a compelling new work which will have its world premiere at the Asia Society.

Co-presented with the Japan Foundation

Read the story of Hoichi the Earless

Listen to Akiko Sakurai on the Satsuma biwa:

Excerpt 1: Improvisations



Excerpt 2: At Asia Society New York with Yutaka Ota on yokobue (transverse flute) and Umeya Kizaburo on tsuzumi (Japanese drum)



Event Details

Sat 25 Feb 2012
8:00pm - 10:00pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$20 members; $22 seniors/students with ID; $25 nonmembers