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Fujian Blue (China's Past, Present, Future on Film series)

Still from Fujian Blue. (dGenerate Films)

Robin Weng (Weng Shouming). China. 2007. 87 min. Narrative. Digibeta.
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<i>Part of the "China's Past, Present, Future on Film" series</i>
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"The whole world fears Fujian!" announces a TV pundit, commenting on the notoriety of China's southeastern province as the country's center for illegal emigration and human trafficking. Made with a cast of non-professionals playing characters very much like themselves, Robin Weng's pin-sharp feature debut reveals why and how so many young Chinese pay to have themselves smuggled in containers to the West.
Vancouver International Film Festival ' Dragons and Tigers Award <br><br>
"Weng has created a compelling portrait of the
motivations and pressures facing the people of Fujian." ' Cameron Maitland, <i>Schema Magazine</i>
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Event Details

Fri 16 Apr 2010
2:45pm - 4:15pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$7 members; $9 students/seniors; $11 nonmembers. See description for series discount information,