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Feature Film: Dam Street (2005/93 min/Mandarin) Directed by Li Yu

Yun (Liu Yi )

In the early'1980s, Xiao Yun'a sixteen year'old girl living in small riverside town'discovers she is pregnant. The local community is stunned, her family loses face and she and her boyfriend are expelled from school. In the aftermath, she gives birth and is forced to put her child up for adoption. Ten years later, her relationship with her family strained and ostracized by residents of the town, Xiao Yun is reduced to working as a singer in a song and dance troupe. Her only real companion is Xiao Yong, a fiercely affectionate boy who protects her from the critical eyes of the community until a marriage proposal discovers the limits of their friendship. "Beautiful cinematography and outstanding performances! Dam Street is an immensely touching and captivating story of love and marginalization created with Li's skilled, caring directorial hand. MASTERFUL!" - Toronto International Film Festival 'Reminiscent of Zhang Yimou.' - Eye for Eye (UK) WINNER! GRAND PRIZE - BEST FILM, Deauville Asian Film Festival WINNER! JURY PRIZE, Venice Film Festival

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725 Park Avenue
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21 November 2008
2:00pm - 3:30pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$7 members/students/seniors; $11 nonmembers