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Family Program: Javanese Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Theater of Indonesia

Musical overture begins 30 minutes before show time

A special one-hour Javanese wayang kulit for families and children.

Wayang kulit is the shadow-puppet theater of Indonesia. Wayang means "theater" and kulit means "skin," which refers to the leather used to make shadow puppets. The puppeteer displays the puppet's shadows projected onto a screen lit by a lamp.

Puppetry is an important part of Indonesian culture. The enlivening stories told during puppet shows present tales of mystery, morality, and myth. Even though they are hidden behind a sheer screen, the puppets are highly decorated, often with brightly colored paints and shiny accents. Come experience the fun of this lively theater experience with a very special wayang kulit for younger audiences!


Co-presented with the Indonesian Consulate New York

Part of Asia Society's Citi Series on Arts and Culture




Event Details

Sun 15 May 2016
2:00pm - 3:00pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$5 children/students/seniors; $7 members; $12 non-members. Dual family members free
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