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8 February
Buddha-themed exhibition "Transforming Minds" opens this Friday, February 10.
8 February
Watch the Asia Society Hong Kong grand opening ceremony live online.
6 February
On January 31, The New York Times covered Asia Society's expansion plans in Hong Kong and Houston.
2 February
The world's leading resource for Buddhist cinema comes to Hong Kong, with over a dozen films from nearly as many nations.
2 February
We offer a rundown of media coverage related to the new multimillion dollar Asia Society buildings opening soon in Asia and the United States.
1 February
Located at 9 Justice Drive, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Former Explosives Magazine combines new construction with four former military buildings.
4 January
A slowdown in the Chinese economy is a good thing, says influential Chinese economist, Fan Gang, Director of China’s National Economic Research Institute.
4 January
Magnus Böcker, Charles Li, Madhu Kannan discuss the recent flurry of merger activity on Asian stock markets with moderator Ronnie Chan.
4 January
US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, spoke at the Fall Gala Dinner in Hong Kong, November 2, 2011.
7 November
The former U.S. Secretary Treasury looks at challenges to the U.S. and global economies at the Hong Kong Center's annual gala event.