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14 August
Artist Xu Bing and guest curator Dr. Yeewan Koon share the story behind the exhibition "It Begins with Metamorphosis: Xu Bing."
13 August
Over 300 guests enjoyed an evening of complimentary drinks and a gallery visit with docents.
13 August
A major new poem takes wing in Hong Kong in an evening of poetry reading and cultural dialogue.
12 August
An expert's view on China and other emerging economy topics about the structural mistrust on both sides of the Pacific.
12 August
Martin Jacques of Cambridge University predicts that a new international system will develop over time.
29 July
A multimedia, classical music representation of the original children’s classic "Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland" was staged at ASHK’s Landscape Terrace to make music accessible to everyone.
24 July
Two recent novels reveal hitherto unseen images of Hong Kong and Macau through a Western lens.
9 July
A series of interactive workshops held for the public in order to offer unique art creation experiences.
9 July
To understand Chinese cities and its traditional cultures on buildings, we should first understand Chinese writing.
25 June
The geography of Hong Kong has contributed to multiple outbreaks of infectious diseases, and chances have been taken to strive for medical excellence.