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13 April
Catherine Maudsley and Melissa Lee discussed opportunities for emerging talent in Hong Kong's art scene.
10 April
Collectors, dealers, auction houses, and academics participated in a workshop on Hong Kong's role in Chinese art collecting.
9 April
The only active Chinese member of the House of Lords explains his vision of a "Chinese dream."
8 April
A Stanford University professor of economics and finance delves into the global financial system — and what can be done to reform it.
2 April
The UNDP's Khalid Malik presented the 2013 Human Development Report, with a special focus on "the rise of the South."
25 March
Canadian Finance Minister James M. Flaherty gave brief remarks on international trade among Hong Kong, China and Canada.
23 March
Chinese composer Chan Hing-yan and writer and cultural worker Leung Man-tao trade ideas on how history affects music and literature.
21 March
The Vice President of China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong shares insights into the Xi Jinping administration.
20 March
Daniel Freeman argues in his studies that women suffer a higher rate of mental health disorders than men.
13 March
Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird says Canada needs to take an active role in Asia to expand its own economic prosperity.