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17 June
Legendary classical musician Pepe Romero engaged a musical dialogue.
10 June
"Development, in the end, requires political leadership," argues British analyst.
7 June
When we look at its levels of energy consumption and garbage, is Hong Kong a sustainable city?
6 June
Ms. Ci Sun (孙慈穎) gave a private piano recital to help raise funds for Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
5 June
Oxford Mindfulness Centre Director explains how we can liberate our thinking through a form of meditation.
27 May
Architects Bing Thom and Ronald Lu are joined by Professor Qinyun Ma for a talk on the upcoming Chinese opera center.
6 May
France's top diplomat emphasizes areas of cooperation, collaboration in speech.
13 April
Catherine Maudsley and Melissa Lee discussed opportunities for emerging talent in Hong Kong's art scene.
10 April
Collectors, dealers, auction houses, and academics participated in a workshop on Hong Kong's role in Chinese art collecting.
9 April
The only active Chinese member of the House of Lords explains his vision of a "Chinese dream."