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8 November
The curator of the 'When Gold Blossoms' exhibition gives a public lecture on the importance of jewelry in South Asian cultures.
8 November
The private collector responsible for ASHK's current exhibit explains how and why she started collecting Indian jewelry.
6 November
A field trip for Hong Kong Design Institute students
28 October
Peter Gordon outlines the trends and consequences of growing international students across university campuses.
19 October
A unique Hong Kong-based troupe traces the connections from South Asia, along the Silk Road, all the way to Spanish flamenco.
15 October
Klaas Knot described measures taken to resolve the Euro zone crisis and explained the Euro zone’s role in the global economy.
12 October
As a classic tale of the American South comes to Asia Society Hong Kong's stage, we interview its two co-directors.
10 October
Ronnie C. Chan and Happy Harun unveil two major restoration projects preserving Beijing's built heritage.
18 September
Links to AsiaSociety.org's complete coverage of Aung San Suu Kyi's address, with introductory remarks by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
10 September
The economist and author projects that China's currency will supplant the dollar on the global stage.