For China - Is 'Planning' Necessary?

An Interview with Orville Schell

Orville Schell talks with the Institute for New Economic Thinking
Orville Schell talks with the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Director of the Center on US-China Relations, Orville Schell speaks with Peter Leyden, Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) Online about China's economic model and how the Chinese are currently developing their own economic and political theories directly from their highly-controlled, authoritarian society, rather than trying to model them on Western models.

INET is deeply interested in both China’s emerging economic models as well what the country’s breathtaking growth means for the world and the global financial system. Schell and Leyden discuss China’s emerging economic paradigm, the necessity of China and the West to work together to tackle global problems like climate change, and how the young generation of Chinese will change the future.


You may watch the interview in its entirety on the INET website


The Long Roots of the Chinese Economic Boom (7:06)


A Tectonic Period of Readjustment for the World (3:01)


The New Attraction of Five-Year Plans (5:04)


China and the US Need Couple's Therapy (6:56)


The Next Generation in China (3:07)


Colaborating with the Chinese Using New Technologies (2:53)


Good Topics for Study about China (2:57)


Looming Challenges Facing China and the West (6:48)


An Amazing Moment in History (3:43)