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A Tale of Two Viruses: SARS, Bird Flu, and What They Say About China Then and Now

Despite public concern about the emergence of H7N9 bird flu in Shanghai, only a handful of pedestrians walking along the waterfront Bund on April 8, 2013 chose to don face masks. (Maura Elizabeth Cunningham)

Despite obvious similarities between the SARS and "bird flu" outbreaks, writes an American correspondent in Shanghai, it's harder for China's government to hide things today than it was in 2003.

Interview: Ryan Pyle, an 'Anthropologist With a Camera' in China [Photos]


Photographer Ryan Pyle discusses his wide selection of stunning black and white photos from China with the Asia Blog.

Photo of the Day: Bird Flu Strikes Hong Kong

Bird cages hang above a man in his stall at a bird market in Hong Kong on November 18, 2010.

Hong Kong scrambled to contain any outbreak of bird flu but vied to reassure the public after the teeming city recorded its first human case of the illness since 2003.