In Malaysia, A Film for and by the Online Masses

A group of independent filmmakers in Malaysia has undertaken a project to produce a completely crowd-sourced movie they have entitled Your Grandfather's Road, CNN reports

The title comes from a Malaysian expression of annoyance, usually directed at inconsiderate drivers who drive as if they own the road. For this project, the filmmakers have re-appropriated the idiom as a subtle critique of traditional film. Films, like roads, are consumed by the masses, but are really the products of the elite. Through social media, these filmmakers have invited their fellow Malays to actually contribute, from script to costuming, to produce the film. The final product will belong to everyone, making it something like "everyone's road." 

Here's what the filmmakers have to say: 

So here’s our invitation to you:

Let’s put our stories and experiences online and try to come up with an awesome movie script. Let’s talk about that script. Who do you think should act in it? Where shall we shoot this? What shall the character wear? Send us photos. Send us audition videos. Send us art direction ideas. Let’s make this movie a truly Malaysian movie, BY the people, FOR the people.

Currently, the film is in the casting stage, and even though the filmmakers are making a film about Malaysian identity, they invite everyone, regardless of nationality, to participate. If you feel you'd be great for a role, you can even submit an audition. If the people of the website agree, you may even become a star. 

Visit the official site for Your Grandfather's Road. There, you can sign up for a log-in and join in the forums. 

For more on the meaning of the title, check out this video: 

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