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2012 US Presidential Election: The View From Asia

U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney debate on October 16, 2012 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

As the U.S. votes for president, Asia Society offers a wide-angle overview of Asia's role in this election. Consider the curious case of pro-Romney Pakistan, take in an eye-opening roundup of China-bashing TV ads from both campaigns, and watch former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Solomon explain why anti-China rhetoric ends after the election.

We Asked Our Experts: What Does Obama's Re-Election Mean for Asia?

Policy How is a second term for the Obama administration likely to affect relations with China, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Afghanistan — to name just some of the Asian nations that have featured most prominently in recent headlines?
November 7th by Asia Society |

US Election Day in China Offers a Chance to Participate, Vicariously

Policy In Shanghai, as the American presidential election results roll in, locals participate vicariously.
November 7th by Jeffrey Wasserstrom |

Photo of the Day: A Worldwide Celebration

Multimedia Indian university students celebrate after hearing a prediction that U.S. President Barack Obama was reelected during a U.S. embassy election party at a local hotel in New Delhi on November 7, 2012. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)
November 7th by Liz Flora |

Video: Why We Know So Little About China's Leadership Change and Its Next Leader

Policy As the United States votes for its next president, China, too, is preparing for a leadership change — although much less is known about that process, which begins Thursday with the start of the 18th National Congress.
November 6th by Dan Washburn |

Video Roundup: China in This Year's U.S. Presidential Campaign Ads

Policy President Obama and Mitt Romney have both tried to outdo one another in tough talk on China during this election.
November 5th by Liz Flora |

Most of World Favors Obama Over Romney in Landslide; Why is Pakistan Different?

Policy Pakistani blogger and journalist M. Bilal Lakhani explains what may be behind the results of a recent BBC poll, and why neither U.S. candidate is particularly popular in Pakistan.
October 25th by M. Bilal Lakhani |

Expert: Romney's Whole Foreign Policy Strategy One Big 'Gaffe'

Policy Associate Fellow Thom Woodroofe argues that Barack Obama is the first Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt to head to the polls with a foreign policy advantage.
October 24th by Boruo Chen |

How It Played Abroad: Asia Society's Asia 21 Leaders React to the 'Foreign Policy' Debate

Policy After Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sounded off on foreign policy, Asia Society gets reactions from its network of Asia 21 Young Leaders in China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
October 23rd by Asia Society |

By Bashing 'China Inc.,' US Presidential Candidates Miss the Point

Policy One of China's best-known bloggers says Romney and Obama miss the point of the China-U.S. relationship by focusing on trade and economics while skipping larger issues of liberty and human rights.
October 23rd by Michael Anti |

Expert Calls for Less 'Red Meat,' More 'Nuance' From Candidates on Foreign Policy

Policy Asia Society's Mike Kulma talks to Al Jazeera ahead of tonight's foreign policy debate.
October 22nd by Boruo Chen |