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Phases and Purpose of Project Management

The Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF) has a suite of free resources that include project forms and templates to assist you and your students in successfully completing each phase of project management. The four phases of project management are:

  • Initiating. This is the beginning of the project cycle when the team decides what it wants to do and what it cannot do. During this phase, you:
    • Form project teams.
    • Set goals.
    • Define direction and scope of the project.
  • Planning. This is an important phase as the amount of time and energy dedicated to planning will correlate directly to how well the project stays on schedule and on budget, and how well it meets its goals. During this phase, you:
    • Define success measures.
    • Identify tasks and sequence them in a workable schedule.
    • Identify resources.
    • Create a plan to monitor and control work.
  • Executing. This is where the work is completed. During this phase, you:
    • Conduct the project tasks.
  • Closing. This phase is about reflecting on the project and archiving. During this phase, you:
    • Reflect on the quality of project deliverables, learning outcomes for individual students, and the effectiveness of the team's work and processes.
    • Document lessons learned.
    • Archive information.

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Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) Resources

  1. PMIEF Project Management Toolkit for Teachers: This toolkit contains everything you need to know about using project management in your classroom.
  2. PMI Youth Toolkit lessons adapted for CTE classes. These lessons will help you teach the project management cycle to your students.
  3. Project Management Classroom Videos: PMI EF classroom video examples.

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