Asian Corporate Survey Infographic & FAQ

2018 Asian Corporate Summary Snapshot

How can companies participate in the survey?

All companies are encouraged to participate in the survey at no charge. For more information, please contact Global Talent Initiatives at

Why do companies participate in the survey?

Companies participate in the survey for the following reasons:

  • Data/Benchmarking – Due to the dearth of data specifically on the APA employee population, companies like to use their scores as a benchmarking tool for their APA focused efforts and also vis-à-vis other companies.
  • Best practices – Many companies have created innovative activities around APA engagement. The survey and subsequent survey report is a reference tool to see what other companies are successfully doing in this area.
  • Employee engagement – Often, the simple act of asking these questions increases employee engagement. In addition, since the survey questions are tailored for an APA audience, the data provides additional nuance to companies, over and above what they can get from their internal employee engagement survey.
  • Employee resource group activity – Best practices and the implications from the findings provide a roadmap for companies to help evolve their APA employee resource groups (ERGs) into more impactful and relevant programming.

Which companies participated in this year’s survey?

Because of the sensitive nature of the employee data, we do not release company names (apart from the Award Winners and Finalist companies).

How are the winners and finalists selected?

Hypothesis identified those companies that scored the highest based on statistical analysis of the employee survey results. Finalist and winning companies were then selected using a weighted formula. Eighty percent of the final score came from the employee survey responses, and a judging panel composed of four diversity leadership experts determined the remaining twenty percent of the final score.

All panel members reviewed written submissions by each company. To maintain objectivity, company identities were concealed. The gap between corporate policies/programs (as evidenced by the application form that was completed by the company’s diversity leadership) and actual APA employee experiences (as measured by the scores given by the company employees who took the survey) was a key factor in the ratings.

Additional information:

  • Confidentiality of company data: Company-specific responses to the survey are kept strictly confidential by the research company. Company-specific data is shared only with the participating company itself. Asia Society only sees aggregate data.
  • Company-specific report: All participating companies will receive a top-line confidential report on their own company based on the results, benchmarked against other comparable companies at NO cost, as a courtesy for participating. This report comes directly from the research company, in order to maintain confidentiality. 
  • Full Report: The in-depth report will include analysis of the overall results at the item and dimension level as well as analyses of strengths and areas for improvement seen across participating companies. 
  • Best in Class Awards: Finalists and winners are chosen based on a combination of the employee survey results (80%) and scores from a panel of expert judges (20%). Employees of Asia Society are not involved in the ranking/awards decisions.
  • Diversity Leadership Forum: The finalists and the winners will be announced during Asia Society's annual Diversity & Marketing Leadership Summit, held in New York City. 

Benefits to participating companies:

  • Insightful vehicle for communicating with your Asian Pacific American employees
  • A deep dive into specific, actionable Best in Class practices
  • Complimentary summary report of your own employee data benchmarked against comparable companies
  • Opportunity to be selected and recognized as a Finalist and/or Best in Class Employer
  • Opportunity to attend the annual Diversity & Marketing Leadership Summit

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