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Asian Corporate Survey & Best Companies for Asian Pacific Americans Awards

Why should my company enter these awards?

The awards are an opportunity to be recognized as a leader in attracting, developing and retaining APA employees. They are also an opportunity to see how your company stacks up against comparable companies. All participating companies receive a top-line confidential report of their own company based on the results at no cost. Additionally, the survey is an insightful vehicle for communicating with your Asian Pacific American employees and showing that you care.

May we opt out of the Awards and just participate in the Survey?

Yes and you still receive the complimentary top-line confidential report of your data benchmarked against the aggregate.

How can my company participate?

There are two components to the awards and survey process: a) a corporate questionnaire to be completed by the Chief Diversity and/or the Human Resource office and b) a survey to be filled out by APA employees. Companies may elect to complete only the corporate questionnaire and still qualify for four of the awards: 1) Best Employer for Promoting Asian Pacific American Women; 2) Best Employer for Promoting LGBT Asian Employees; 3) New Award: Best Company Marketing to Asian Pacific American Consumers and Investors; 4) Most Innovative Practices Awards.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost whatsoever to enter the survey and or awards process, and accessing your results is also complimentary.

Who participates?

Fortune 500 and other large companies participate in the awards process. Any employees that self-identify as Asian, Asian American, or an Ally can participate in the survey. The awards will only be based on data from the company’s Asian American employees.

How are the awardees selected?

Finalists and winners are chosen based on a combination of the employee responses (80%) and scores from a panel of expert judges (20%). Employees of Asia Society are not involved in the award decision process.

What does the final report look like?

The in-depth report will include analysis of the overall results at the item and dimension level as well as analyses of strengths and areas for improvement seen across all participating companies. It also provides examples of top programs that are seen as the gold standard in the corporate world.

When and how will the results be announced?

The 2019 winners were announced in the media in April. Asia Society presented the awards at the Diversity & Marketing Leadership Summit in New York City on May 15, 2019.

What is the Diversity & Marketing Leadership Summit?

The Diversity & Marketing Leadership Summit is a two-day conference that looks at unleashing innovation and capturing market opportunities through powering Asian talent, consumers and investors in the US and Asia marketplace. To learn more about the Summit, please click here or contact Global Talent Initiatives at

2019 Award Winner, AT&T

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