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Yang Style 24 Tai Chi Course

In collaboration with Living Well Therapies
Jeff Fantich

Work-related burnout, everyday stress, pain, sleeplessness and emotional overload are all standard issues for each of us these days. According to author Dr. Roger Jahnke, “The Healer Within” is available to each of us. Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation have offered practitioners access to the healing resources naturally occurring within our own body. With no prescription, no doctor, no hospital, and no drugstore, you will learn practical tools for mobilizing this remarkable inner resource.

Students will learn to maximize the “life-force energy” the Chinese refer to as Qi (Chi) in a beautiful from of “moving meditation” known as Tai Chi. In a practice that Harvard refers to as “medication in motion,” this course will provide a basic introduction to the value of Tai Chi for its 21st century practical applications to reduce stress and improve health. Delivered with a focus on movement, mindfulness, and the power of breath, students will develop the foundation for a set of skills that will empower you to cultivate wellbeing at home, at work, and at play for the rest of your life.

Each class will begin with Meditation and Qigong to establish an aware, centered state from which to learn this ancient form of Tai Chi known as the Yang Style 24 Form. Students are encouraged to develop organically at their own pace, embrace their own unique considerations, and evolve in the capacity to better manage the thinking, feeling, and doing that influences every aspect of our lives. The movements are performed slowly with mindful intention on expressing your “life-force energy” through the body to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion.


Course Dates

Mondays, March 20 – April 24 (6 weeks)
Time: 6:00 – 7:45 pm


Henderson J. Smith, Jr., IIQTC & NQA Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher

Henderson Smith is the Founder of Living Well Therapies and specializes in teaching Qigong and Tai Chi as the exploration of applied physical, mental, and energetic self-mastery. He began the exploration of Qi (breath or energy) as a medium for healing and maximizing power with Sei Bu Do Martial Arts, under Grand Master Dr. Donald Swansey, where he earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt. Henderson continued his study of Qigong as a system of self-care and self-control, earning a 350 hour Professional Certification with the (NQA) and a 200 hour Teacher Certification with the IIQTC under Dr. Roger Jahnke. Henderson recently earned advanced teacher certification as a Sr. Trainer with the IIQTC and served as Lead Assistant on a 2013 trip to China where he studied under 17th Generation Master Zhou Jin Bo. Henderson is currently studying under Master Shi Xing Hao of the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Houston, TX.

With a BS in Management and Marketing, 20 years of experience in the insurance and employee benefits business, and a clear correlation between medical claims and the habits that drive them, Henderson formed Living Well Therapies in 2007. Founded on the understanding that each individual has the unique responsibility for managing him or her SELF, Henderson is committed to holistic wellness solutions that harness the power of our potential to exercise conscious control of SELF; (our thinking, feeling & doing). With a 7 year track record of improving pre to post program Self Evaluation Assessments (SEA) , Henderson’s unique approach to wellness is fast becoming a sought after asset for innovative companies seeking a competitive advantage through wellness programs that positively moves the needle on behavior and self-responsibility.

For more information about Living Well Therapies: http://livingwelltherapies.net/


Presenting Partner


Event Details

Mon 20 Mar 2017 - Mon 27 Mar 2017
6:00pm - 7:45pm

1370 Southmore Blvd.
Houston, TX 77004

$240 Members; $280 Nonmembers. All sales final.