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22 August
Jane Leu, an internationally known social entrepreneur, and other other social innovators provided aspiring entrepreneurs with concrete tips and advice on social innovation.
8 August
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) honored the significant contribution of women in rice farming and showcased its advanced women-friendly agricultural technologies.
30 July
Marivi Soliven talks about her insights, inspirations and ideas behind the Palanca award-winning novel, The Mango Bride.
29 July
Makati Business Club and Bantay.ph tackles an age-old problem with this forum that constantly stares Filipino society in the face: Corruption.
8 July
Jessica Hagedorn talks about the process, ideas and relationships behind the book Manila Noir.
18 June
With Marc Macadaeg's expertise, participants learned basic yoga techniques and positions.
13 June
Treat your taste buds to an Asian escapade with this delicious week-long promotion of the finest, most authentic Asian cuisines through a luxurious 5 - 10 course meals at a special fixed rate!
3 June
Suze Orman returns to the Philippines to share her financial wisdom.
3 June
Asia Society Philippines hosted a special luncheon with Ronnie Chan and several business and thought leaders.
2 June
This group took to the streets to see what Cambodia had to offer.