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What kind of image does the U.S. media portray of Asian countries in general?

In my opinion, US media

In my opinion, US media portrays both positive and negative image to Asian countries.We can't deny the fact that it is projecting both contradicting images to us.

I have a very high image of

I have a very high image of Asian countries, Asian people, their society, customs and traditions. I believe that Asian parents need to be commended on their style of parenting and their commitment to their children s educations. American society can learn a lot of beneficial skills from the variety of different Asian groups.

As a current Fulbrighter in

As a current Fulbrighter in Thailand, I have the chance to watch news stations that I don't normally watch at home in the U.S. Channel surfing among Aljazeera, Channel News Asia, Arirang, the Australia Network, and Fox News, I find that U.S. media coverage of Asian countries is mostly neutral. The issue is with news stations in general, that tend to focus on the negative aspects of all countries' news, the threats to humanity, the problems and issues that need fixing much more than they celebrate the cultural aspects, which if they are covered, are tacked on to the end of a news program. If you want to find the U.S. media coverage celebrating positive aspects of Asian countries, just go to the right channel, website, etc. Would you agree?

If you look over the history

If you look over the history of the so called stolen U.S. they have not had a positive influence anywhere. Don't worry I'm from the U.S.

west media should look at

west media should look at Asia with new eyes, Asia is not used to be .

I personally think that

I personally think that Asians aren't portrayed too kindly here in the U.S. They have this idea that the Chinese are a inhumane and cheap people who will do anything to save money. Of course, this is not true, but what with the news of sweatshops, mail-order brides, melamine (a white powdery substance that some companies use to substitute milk, even though it is poisonous), and whatnot gives people a bad impression. However, not only Asia is doing these kinds of horrible things; other continents and countries also participate in such behavior. For example, even the U.S has "sweatshops". They lure in foreigners with high paying tech jobs, but refuse them a spot or pay them much less than was originally agreed. We should avoid such negative stereotypes and make an effort to stay neutral on such topics.