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About This Site

Welcome to, the official website of the Asia Society.  This website has been built to make it easier to explore and experience the global work of Asia Society and to allow our members and non-members a greater role in our work by participating in our online community.

As you explore the site, we hope you will take time to watch videos, read articles, experience our slideshows and multimedia projects, join discussions, leave comments and contribute your own content.

The site is maintained by Asia Society Online:

Bill Swersey, Executive Director, Digital Media & Strategy
Dan Washburn, Managing Editor
Jeff Tompkins, Sr. Producer
Megan MacMurray, Sr. Technical Producer

This site was designed by Ruder Finn Interactive.  Our Drupal content management system was redeveloped by Web5Design.

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Use our Feedback Form to send us your feedback, comments or questions about the site.

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Asia Society Webcasts (FAQ)
Many Asia Society programs are now offered as live webcasts, internet broadcasts that can be watched on a computer. The following are answers to frequently asked questions about webcasts.  

Asia Society webcasts are always free of charge; no ticket or advance registration is required. 

To connect to a live webcast, go to You can also click the "Watch Live Online" link that appears on the home page 5 minutes before the scheduled start of a program. If the "Watch Live Online" link is not on the home page, try refreshing the page. 

Video webcasts require a broadband internet connection and Adobe Flash (which is already installed on most computers).

Webcast viewers can usually participate by joining a public online discussion before or during a program or by sending an email to [email protected] prior to, or during, a program.

Complete video and edited excerpts from most programs is posted on soon after an event ends.

To report a website problem or ask a question use our Feedback Form. We will respond to all emails; it may take 1-2 business days for you to receive a reply.


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Social Media

About Social Media
Stay connected with Asia Society with leading social media services including:


  • Twitter - follow our daily tweets for the latest news, opinions and photos
  • Facebook - updates on Asia Society events and programs
  • YouTube - the latest Asia Society videos 
  • Flickr - photos from Asia Society events and exhibitions
  • Foursquare - check in at Asia Society events


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Share Tools

On many pages you will find an option to "share" a page. It's a shortcut to social bookmarking on the Web. When you click on this icon, you will see a list of sites where you can share your favorites links and stories on

These social bookmarking and social media sites are not managed by You may have to set up a profile online, and save your favorite links to that profile. Once you set up a profile with any of these services, clicking the "share" social bookmarking button will help you quickly submit a link you like, or cast your vote for that link if it's already been submitted by someone else. Saving your favorites to an online profile, as opposed to just bookmarking a link on your browser, allows you to access your favorite links from any computer and from any browser.

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Commenting & Participation Guidelines

We encourage comments on articles featured in We trust that participants will use the website to share intelligent and insightful commentary and help maintain an appropriate and constructive environment for online discussions. By participating in’s comment areas, you agree to comply with’s comment guidelines.

• Be respectful. We welcome debate and appreciate your participation and contributions, but we will not tolerate personal attacks and abuse, posts that libel, defame or invade privacy, or posts that are unlawful, profane and threatening.

• Do not spam. We will remove links, posts and comments that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like, posts that advertise or otherwise solicit funds or sales of goods or services.

• Keep it relevant and keep it brief. Do your best to keep your comment focused on the topic at hand. Posts that are not relevant to the original topic (“off-topic”) may be removed.

• Please be aware that you are solely responsible for your own comments and the consequences of posting those comments.

• Please be aware that we may use participants’ comments across our site, and display them in a variety of ways (eg. in the text of an article, or in the “featured comment” section of our homepage). By submitting your comment or any photo contributions, you give the right to post, webcast, re-use, publish, or reproduce your comment(s), photo(s), and other identifying information you provide.

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Technical Requirements is best viewed with the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer. However, we do not support all older versions of all browsers.  To get the most out of this site we recommend setting your screen resolution to at least 1024 x 786 and turning on sound. Many aspects of this site work best with a broadband internet connection.  Some features require Adobe Flash.

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