Breakout Sessions

The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) is dedicated to enhancing the nation’s capacity for the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture by sharing cutting-edge practices and examples with educators and policymakers. This year’s conference will feature more than 90 breakout sessions in the following strands:

Breakout session topics are listed below. Session descriptions and presenters will be posted on the conference app, which you can download using the links in the right sidebar.


  • AP Chinese Language/Culture Exam Free Response Tasks and Writing Skills
  • AP Chinese-The Benefits of the Exam Reading Experience 
  • Assessment for Specific Purposes: Business Chinese Courses
  • Communicating Student Proficiency to Parents
  • Diagnostic Reporting for HSK and YCT Assessments in Chinese Language Instruction 
  • Instructional Insights from Immersion Error Study Aimed at Improving Proficiency
  • Making Data Driven Instruction Come to Life in Your Immersion Program
  • Optimize Learning and Assessments in Three Modes of Communication with Technologies
  • Using Data to Inform Instructional Decisions About Chinese Literacy
  • How to Use Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) Rubric to Design Instructional Activities in Advanced Level Chinese Classes

China Across the Curriculum

  • Bringing Culture as the Core into the Chinese Language Classroom
  • China and Chinese Culture in The Eyes of Americans: Data Analysis on Survey on Awareness of Chinese Culture
  • Curriculum Challenge and Innovation: Teaching Chinese Literature, Cultures and Social Issues.
  • Incorporating STEMM into Chinese Classrooms
  • Teaching Chinese Instrumental Music in US Schools

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Achieve Higher Proficiency Through Developing Students Social Language
  • Applying Reader's Workshop Model to Chinese Reading Program in K-8
  • Articulation to AP® Chinese with Immersion Programs
  • Beyond Literacy – An Innovative Aesthetic Method of Chinese Characters Instruction
  • Chinese Flagship Online Curriculum for Secondary Students
  • Classic Poems and Narrative Folklores as Effective Tools in Enhancing Chinese Language Learning Outcomes
  • Connecting with American Students through Stories and Humor
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Chinese Elementary Schools: Strategies and Resources
  • Designing Communicative Activities through Cooperative and Collaborative Learning Experiences
  • Develop Literacy Through Multiple Intelligence in FLES Classroom 
  • Developing an Effective Model for Contextualized Language Learning 
  • Differentiated Instruction in the Language Classroom: Learning Stations
  • Effective Chinese Learning: Making a Real Life Connection Lesson Design
  • Establishing Coherence in Curriculum and Instruction of Mandarin and English in an Elementary Dual Language Program
  • Fostering Learners’ Autonomy in High School Chinese Class
  • From Learner to Teacher: Teaching Strategies from Non-Native Mandarin Instructors
  • Get Your Students Talking: Developing Communicative Confidence and Competence in the Mandarin Classroom
  • Helping Students Improve Cultural Presentation Skills
  • Humanizing Teaching: Language through drama
  • Implementing Cooperative Learning Strategies in Chinese Dual Immersion Classroom
  • Improving CFL Learners' Multiliteracies through Authentic Multimedia Texts
  • Improving Mathematics Achievement by Using Shanghai Curriculum
  • Increasing Chinese DLI Students’ Language Proficiency through Peers Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) 
  • Increasing Global Competency through Scratch Programming and Technology Innovation
  • Instructional Scaffolding for Teaching Cultural Presentations: Pre-AP to AP
  • Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Chinese Literacy Skills
  • K-16 Chinese and Culture Education with Cognitive, CBI, Edutainment Approaches
  • Keeping Students Engaged in a Diverse Mandarin Immersion Class
  • Learning Chinese in the Digital Age: Educator Tools and Frameworks
  • Mobilize All the Senses--Multisensory Instructional Activities in Chinese Classrooms
  • Novel Approaches to Pronunciation and Writing Chinese Characters
  • Partner and Small Group Activities: The Key to Student Interaction and Engagement 
  • Planning Interdisciplinary Units for the Mandarin Immersion Classroom 
  • Powerful Technology Resources For Your Classroom
  • Project Based Learning in Upper Elementary School
  • Science and Elementary School Mandarin Immersion
  • Start Talking - Language, Content, and Culture in the Novice Chinese Classroom
  • Success with the Three-Phase Writing Process
  • Teaching Higher Level Reading Comprehension in Chinese
  • The Power of Elementary Dual Language Immersion through Culture and the Arts
  • Think Big and Dig Deep: Comprehensive Curricula to Enable Novice learners to Demonstrate Their Higher Order Thinking in Chinese
  • We Made a Decision to Change the HOMEWORK, Surprise!!!

Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • "The Rain in Spain": a Collaborative Chinese Tutorial Program
  • Boosting Language Through Local and International Collaboration
  • Chinese Immersion Capstone Trip
  • Creative Ways for CI to Promote Local Chinese Teaching and Learning
  • Dynamic partnerships in Community College with Chinese program
  • Effective, Relevant, and Impactful Inter-school Partnerships
  • Engaging Parents in the Journey of Chinese Language Learning
  • Integrating Local and International Community Resources for Learning

Program Models and K–16 Articulation

  • Building an Articulated K-16 Pathway for Advanced Language Study
  • How Do We Approach Foreign Language Learning in Elementary Schools—FLES and Immersion Model
  • Immersion Program Administration From the Local to State Level
  • K-8 Chinese Immersion: Standards-Based Program and Curriculum Instruction Design
  • Our Journey in Building a Sustainable K-12 District-wide Chinese Language Program
  • San Francisco’s K-16 Partnership in Advanced Mandarin
  • Teacher-created and Student-approved! Our Model for Curricular Experimentation in MS and HS Mandarin
  • Fish and Bear Paw: Creating a Next Generation Chinese Immersion School


  • Artificial Intelligence’s Effect on American Chinese Language Teaching
  • Enhancing Students’ Vocabulary Knowledge and Listening Comprehension: Interactive Read Aloud
  • Exploring New Applications to College Chinese Language Teaching: From Research to Classroom Practices
  • Helping Struggling Readers in Mandarin Immersion School Settings
  • Improving Heritage Chinese Learners' Language Proficiency through Actual and Online Picture Books
  • Interesting Musical Application in Teaching Mandarin Chinese
  • Successful Research-Based Literacy Instruction for K-12 Beginners
  • The Effective Learning on Beginning Chinese with the Flipped-Classroom Pedagogy
  • Understanding the Complexities of Chinese Word Acquisition Within an Online Learning Platform

Teacher Development and Sustainability

  • An Urgent Need: Help Teachers Grow 
  • Beyond Ebony and Ivory: Building Cross-Cultural Teaching Partnerships
  • Bridging the Gap: A Model of Coaching Strategies for Effective Instruction in Chinese Immersion Classrooms
  • Building Teacher Professional Learning Communities that Improve Student Learning
  • Building Teaching Proficiency Through Strategic Coaching
  • Cultural Identity and Transformative Learning of Chinese Teachers
  • Design Thinking Teacher’s Professional Development
  • Developing Leadership Capacity in the Chinese Teaching Field: A Discussion
  • Guide to Supporting International Chinese Language Teachers in U.S. K-12 Programs
  • The Confucius Institute's Contributions to the Sino-US Education and Culture from the Perspective of Talent Cultivation
  • The Chinese Immersion Teacher Pipeline: Creative Ways to Build, Develop and Keep Your Workforce

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