Breakout Sessions

The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) is dedicated to enhancing the nation’s capacity for the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture by sharing cutting-edge practices and examples with educators and policymakers. This year’s conference will feature more than 90 breakout sessions in the following strands:

  • Assessment
  • China Across the Curriculum
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Partnerships and Community Engagement
  • Program Models and K–16 Articulation
  • Research
  • Teacher Development and Sustainability


Breakout session topics are listed below. Session descriptions and presenters will be posted on the conference App which will be released in March.


  • A Data-Driven Approach to Improve Chinese Literacy Skills
  • Building K-5 Chinese Early Literacy Assessments for L2 Learners
  • DIY Comic Strips as Performance Tasks and Formative Assessment
  • Painting a Picture of Student Success with Data Walls
  • Using Can-Do Learning Statements in the Chinese Classroom
  • Using International Benchmarking To Drive Change
  • What do Language Teachers Need to Know about Assessment?

China Across the Curriculum

  • China Across the Curriculum: A Cross-Divisional Muti-age Perspective
  • Deepening Cultural Competence, An Analysis of Three K-12 Confucius Classroom Districts
  • Innovative Classroom Lessons From Non-native Chinese Educators
  • Keeping up the Motivation for Middle School Immersion Students
  • Learning Chinese through Theater

Curriculum and Instruction

  • An Effective Teacher-Guided Learning Process with Useful Tech Tools
  • AP Chinese Language & Culture Exam Free Response Tasks in Writing
  • Applied Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) to Develop an Effective Chinese Reading Program
  • Best Practice of Design and Implement AP Chinese Curriculum
  • Beyond the Textbook: Language through Story, Craft and Location Exploration
  • Building Proficiency: Spiral Activities from Novice to Intermediate
  • Chinese Teaching with STEAM focus
  • Class Tested Strategies for Teaching Chinese Sentences and Characters
  • Classroom Management and Student Reflection Go Hand-in-hand
  • Creating a Globally Competent Chinese Classroom
  • Creating an Academic Focus for Mandarin Development at the Elementary Level
  • CSL reading comprehension instruction: a focus on strategies
  • Developing and Fostering Multiliteracy Skills: Innovative Apps and Tools
  • Different Ways to Maximize Your Blended Learning Curriculum
  • Engagement of Learners: Active Learning in the K-12 Chinese Language Classroom
  • Enhance Literacy and Oral Proficiency in All Modes of Communication
  • Ensuring Student Learning Success through Explicit Instruction
  • Fully Utilize Open Educational Resources to Effectively Promote Chinese Literacy
  • Get Talking! Leading Students to Communicative Competence and Confidence in the Mandarin-Only Classroom
  • Guiding Principles for Early Literacy Experiences for Beginning Learners of Chinese
  • How to effectively develop performance-based learning modules by empowering student’s creativity and ownership in your classroom?
  • Modes of Writing
  • Peer-to-Peer Instruction: An Introduction to Two Innovative Approaches in Chinese Immersion
  • Personalized project based learning in Chinese immersion classroom
  • Research-based practices in Chinese Literacy Development
  • Strategies for Engaging Literacy in the Chinese Classroom
  • Take-off in Learning, Practical Differentiation Strategies for All Learners
  • Teaching and Learning Math in Chinese-English Dual Language Programs: A Discussion
  • Teaching Chinese literacy through content-based instruction
  • Using blended learning technology to flip my Chinese class
  • Writers Workshop for Immersion: Expertise from two coasts
  • Teacher Swap Shop: Effective Classroom Activities

Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • Beyond the classroom: Engaging and empowering students in community service
  • Bridge the transition from Chinese language classrooms to virtual communities: engage and empower learners with student-centered activities
  • Building Sustainable Chinese Program through Partnership
  • Creating an Affordable, Immersive, and Culturally Enriching Study Abroad Program
  • Embrace China, Enhance America
  • Establishing and Running a Successful Two-Way Home Stay Student Exchange Program
  • Fostering Global Learners’ Intercultural Competence Through PBL
  • Immersion and Integration: Partnership with Local Business Communities
  • Opening the Door to Community Partners
  • Planning, launching, Sustaining, and Fostering Mandarin Language Culture Program: Essential Conversations

Program Models and K–16 Articulation

  • 10 Years of Building and Sustaining Successful K-12 Chinese Programs
  • Best Practices for Developing a Successful District-Wide Chinese Language Program
  • Building Bridges with China through Community College Pathways
  • Engaging Advanced Secondary Chinese Learners
  • From Vision to Implementation: A Trilingual Model in a Texas Public Charter School Wherby It's Everyone's Shared Responsibility to Support Chinese Language Learning
  • Implementing, Sustaining, and Expanding Successful Chinese Immersion Programs
  • Promoting motivation and leadership beyond the language immersion classroom –Engaging middle school students in fun Chinese clubs!
  • STEM focused Thematic-based unit in an Elementary Chinese Immersion Classroom
  • Zoom in and zoom out: Creating a curriculum with authentic Chinese learning experiences


  • A Case Study of an Urban Elementary School Chinese Language and Culture Program
  • A New Aproach to Understanding, and Teaching, Chinese Characters
  • Chinese Character Load: Using Research to Guide Practice
  • Chinese teacher satisfaction in K-8 school: tension, impact and negotiation
  • Developing TBLT materials for teaching Chinese
  • Effective methods for error correction in Chinese Immersion Classrooms
  • Enhancing Students’ Chinese Learning Through Mobile Learning
  • Results of a National Survey on College-level Chinese as a Heritage Language Education in the U.S.
  • Selecting and Leveling Picture Books in Chinese: A Research-Based Approach and Recommendations
  • The Interactive Read Aloud Approach: Chinese Reading Comprehension
  • Wisdom in Classroom Teaching and Management – Cases with Analysis
  • Research Forum: Three Aspects in Elementary Chinese Instruction

Teacher Development and Sustainability

  • 10 Years of Startalk Chinese Teacher Certification
  • Artful Learning and Teaching - Inspire and Engage Learners in the Chinese Classroom
  • Chinese Teacher Certification Enrichment Program: An Online National Model for the 21st Century
  • Collaborative Teams that Bring Diversity into Focus
  • Developing Chinese language teachers: Key to Successful Chinese Programs
  • Developing Teacher Leaders & Coaches for Chinese Language Immersion Programs
  • Effective Mentoring of Teacher Candidates and Visiting Teachers in Language Classrooms
  • Embed Immersion-Specific Lens for Class Observation
  • Online Chinese Resources: Student Learning and Teacher Development Tools
  • Successful Management Strategies for Native Chinese Teachers
  • Support Strategies that Work for New Teachers in Dual Language Immersion
  • Today's Teachers, Tomorrow's Leaders: Leadership Development among Chinese Language Faculty
  • Transforming Teachers for Positive Behavior in Chinese Classrooms: The Nurtured Heart Approach




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