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For over a decade, the Center for Global Education at Asia Society has been a leader in global competence education. With initial investments from the Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corporation, and in partnership with Harvard University and Stanford University, among others, the Center for Global Education has developed the preeminent educator training program on educating for global competence.

While previously only accessible to the Center for Global Education, this online program powered by EdPlus at Arizona State University now brings this critical and relevant content to any educator around the world. 

The Center for Global Education is now offering certificate programs in the following areas: The Essentials of Global Competence, Project-Based Learning in a Global Classroom, and Classroom Assessment of Global Competence

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Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the OECD PISA 2018 Global Competence exam.

What Will You Receive?

  • High-quality 1-hour learner-paced courses, which allow you to learn at a time best for you.
  • Introduction to tools that can be easily applied in your learning environment.
  • Activities and best practices for use in the classroom and in out-of-school time.

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For more information about the Teaching for Global Competence courses or to purchase courses in bulk, please contact the Education Partnerships team at edpartnerships@asiasociety.org.


This certificate includes courses that highlight the best-practice models for delivering a high quality, cutting edge instructional experience for your students.
This certificate includes courses specifically designed to be hands-on experiences for any educator looking to both incorporate project-based learning and global competence in their classrooms.
This certificate includes courses specifically designed to be in-depth and innovative, for any educator looking to enhance their assessment skills in a globally focused context.

Courses in the Teaching for Global Competence Series

Learn about the global competence movement in education and how it connects to learning in classrooms and in out-of-school time in this free introduction course.
What are the four components of global competence, and how can they act as a guide for structuring curriculum, instruction, and assessment? Come learn how this Framework can guide student learning both within and across disciplines.
Learn a proven method to develop global competence through project-based learning. Learn how to engage students in projects that are inquiry-based, student led, problem focused, authentic, and rooted in real-world global issues.
Learn how a global competence perspective brings context, relevance, and usefulness to your classroom or program. By the end of this course, you will learn how to empower students to apply academic knowledge to real-world problems and challenges.
Learn instructional strategies aligned to the four domains of global competence—and applicable across all disciplines— that will help students develop the skills they need in today's global and digital world.
Move your students further up the continuum from global awareness to global understanding by learning how to identify globally significant issues and connect them to your subject matter and local context.
Learn how to design your own curriculum storyboards based on performance assessments using the Center for Global Education's premiere curriculum tools.
Learn how to develop, plan, and implement effective, globally focused assessments that integrate relevant instructional strategies, formative assessments, and an open student-teacher feedback loop.
Learn how global issues can be integrated throughout STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) education to help guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking in tackling complex global problems.
In this course, designed for school leaders, learn about the Global School Design. This thinking model can be used for school-wide strategic planning and community-wide innovations to bolster global competence education.

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