The Great LOL Of China

with Jesse Appell/艾杰西

The Great LOL of China video series with Jesse Appell explores modern Chinese people and society from a foreigner’s perspective and an emphasis on the humor in cross-cultural misadventures. Each episode is accompanied by a blog post which examines various elements mentioned in the video at a deeper level and draws connections to the world we live in today. This series features 12 episodes. Enjoy and pass these on!


In this episode, Jesse Appell explores the current dating scene in China.
In this episode, Jesse Appell and a friend find themselves alone and starving in Beijing during Chinese New Year.
In this episode, Jesse Appell looks at America and China — two frenemies living under the same roof.
In this episode, Jesse Appell despairs, through song, that inflation is taking his beloved chuanr meat kebabs ever further out of reach.
In this episode, Jesse Appell and friends play the game where overreaching cultural assumptions turn into an evening of fun.
In this episode, Jesse Appell explores the highs and the lows of China economic transformation in the music video "Mo Money, Mo Fazhan (development).
In this episode, Jesse explores how the actual meaning of a Chinese word can be quite far removed from its literal English translation.
In this episode, game show contestants try to make sense of Chinese "chengyu" — four word phrases with deep meanings attached to them.
In this episode, Jesse Appell laments all the fake "bot" followers his show is attracting. So he hits the streets of Beijing to dredge up real fans.
In this episode, Jesse explores the wonderful world of homestyle Chinese cooking, which can taste a whole lot better than the fare at China’s most expensive restaurants.
In this episode, we ponder the curious nature of Chinese service habits, wonder why Chinese wait staff all hate the customers’ guts, and consider their curious affection for small bills.
Jesse Appell dives into the often confusing tones that make the Chinese language what it is. But while the tones can be frustrating to master, there's also a sort of musical beauty to them.

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