Watch: Asia Society Staffer Discusses Nepal Earthquake Rescue Effort on 'Charlie Rose'

Video: Sanjeev Sherchan appears on Charlie Rose. (6 min., 37 sec.)

The death toll from the Nepal earthquake that struck on April 25 has now surpassed 4,000 as rescuers struggle to help those in remote areas. Sanjeev Sherchan, executive director of Global Initiatives at Asia Society, appeared on Charlie Rose to discuss the rescue efforts. “There’s been a lot of aid pouring in from China, India, the U.S., and many other countries,” Sherchan said. “But my fear is, there has to be a better coordination. I hope there is a better coordination of all this different aid pouring in so it goes to the right places.”

Sherchan pointed out that the death toll is sure to rise dramatically as reporting from rural villages starts to come in, and that there must be a focus on getting medical attention in to these places. “We have to remember that the next phase is the danger of widespread diseases that could come about,” Sherchan said. Watch the complete interview in the above video.