Spotlight on Indian-Administered Kashmir

A Kashmiri protester holds a banner during an anti-India rally in Srinagar on September 11, 2010. The Muslim-majority Kashmir valley has been rocked by unrest since a teenage student was killed by a police tear-gas shell on June 11. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian-administered Kashmir has been the latest target of violence in South Asia. Anti-Indian separatists in Kashmir are taking the streets to protest the Indian government's control over the region as skirmishes have left 66 civilians killed by Indian authorities since the protests first began in June.

Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Fellow Hassan Abbas said, "Increasing intensity in public protests on the Indian side of Kashmir have reemerged as a trouble spot for India. A Hindustan Times survey of Kashmiri public opinion maintains that around two-thirds of Kashmiris (especially youth) are very frustrated with Indian government control."

Abbas said Kashmir has become a serious challenge for New Delhi as it has recently tried hard to reach out to the Kashmiri population.

Indian-administered Kashmir has been in the throes of violence protests recently as part of so-called "Quit Kashmir" campaign launched by separatist groups against Indian rule in Kashmir.