The G-20 Summit, Just a Piece of Paper?

In this screen grab, Asia Society's Jamie Metzl speaks with CNN in Seoul, South Korea.

By most accounts, the 2010 G-20 Summit in Seoul, Korea produced mixed results. While President Obama claimed the global economic downturn is on the road to recovery, he confessed that progress hasn't come fast enough.

Leaders from 20 nations who attended the summit did not take action on perhaps the biggest issue raised, the competitive devaluation of currencies, amid US dispute with China over currency policies. Some fear the conflict could undermine global economic growth.

Asia Society Executive Vice President Jamie Metzl, who was in Seoul for the G-20, spoke with CNN on the outcome of the summit.

"Is specific action going to be taken? You could have the best principles in the world but if specific action isn't taken by states to realize those principles, then all this is is a piece of paper."

Watch CNN's report on what did and did not come out of the summit: