Asia Inside Out Podcast: Sisterhood of the Asia Wonks

Panel discussions where women outnumber men are altogether too rare these days

Panel discussions such as these — where women outnumber men — are altogether too rare in the policy space. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

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These days there's no shortage of illuminating policy discussions about Asia in Washington D.C. and New York — just that the people participating in them happen to be overwhelmingly male.

In this episode of the Asia Inside Out podcast, Asia Society Policy Institute’s Lindsey Ford talks to Anna Fifield from the Washington Post and Laura Rosenberger from the German Marshall Fund about the importance of promoting diversity and gender equality in Asia-Pacific policy discussions. They discuss the need for exposure to a wider set of viewpoints, relay their efforts to elevate female expertise, and reflect on the role mentorship has played in their own career development.

About the Author

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Lindsey W. Ford is the Director for Security Programs for the Asia Society Policy Institute, as well as ASPI’s inaugural Richard Holbrooke Fellow.