Asia Abridged Podcast: Can China Handle an Economic Crisis?

A woman works in a factory in Ganyu, Jiangsu Province, China

A woman works in a factory in Ganyu, Jiangsu, China. (AFP/Getty Images)

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Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of China's four-decade boom has been its consistency — the economy has risen from middling to superpower status with little interruption. But what happens when growth slows faster than China's leaders expect — or it stops altogether?

In this episode of Asia Abridged, Morgan Stanley economic analyst Ruchir Sharma discusses this scenario as well as the retreat of China's government in the country's economy. Later in the podcast, Sharma also talks about why there are so many good companies in India.

Sharma spoke at Asia Society in December about the economic situation in China, India, and elsewhere in Asia. Click here to learn more.

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Matt Schiavenza is the Assistant Director of Content at Asia Society. His work has appeared at The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, The New Republic, Fortune, and strategy + business among other publications.