Barnett Rubin and Richard Holbrooke Discuss Afghanistan

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Barnett Rubin (Barbara Nelson)

A Conversation with Barnett Rubin, Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center on International Cooperation, New York University

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2007 - One of the world’s leading experts on Afghanistan, Barnett Rubin, discusses the political uncertainty, the deteriorating security situation, the status of the on-going reconstruction and rebuilding, and the status of the international community’s assistance to Afghanistan, among other pertinent issues, in conversation with Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.

Analyses of the international efforts to help rebuild Afghanistan present conflicting reviews. While the country has come a long way in the last six years and reached several milestones since the toppling of the Taliban in 2001, there are many areas that require immediate attention for the long-term success of the country. The efforts that started with great potential—an international campaign to help war-torn Afghanistan’s reconstruction and development efforts and create a free, democratic state seem to be under serious strain, if not crisis. A booming drug economy, a weak central government, and a resurgent insurgent force committed to undo the gains of the past six years continue to pose a real threat to the Karzai government.

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