Our Distinctive Approach

The Asia Society Policy Institute draws together experts from our network to advance international cooperation and effective policymaking for Asia, using three primary modes of collaboration:

Convening for Understanding – ASPI organizes Track Two dialogues to create space for policymaking when official relations are inadequate. We also organize top-level public events around the world in which international government leaders, business executives, journalists, and scholars share insights on U.S.-Asia policy.

Designing Policy Roadmaps – ASPI does not stop once a problem is diagnosed. We work with Asian and U.S. stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of their respective interests, and we create roadmaps that chart a path for policy development and tangible improvements in people’s lives.

Advancing Best Practices – ASPI helps Asians and Americans learn from each other. We organize study projects to help policymakers learn what measures have proven effective in other contexts and how those measures might be adapted to their circumstances.