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23 August
Former Deputy Governor of the RBI Rakesh Mohan takes a retrospective look at the groundbreaking 1991 economic reforms.
18 August
Who were the Progressive Artists of the late 1940s and why did they call themselves so? A panel of art historians and curators decode the movement that sought to create a new, modern Indian art form.
10 August
Women have come far in the corporate world, but much is still needed to be done to ensure they are on an equal footing with men.
25 July
How are relations between two of the world’s largest democracies likely to progress after the Modi-Trump visit?
10 July
YV Reddy, an Indian Administrative Services top ranker, a successful bureaucrat and the Former Deputy Governor and Governor of the RBI.
26 May
Religious polarization and the future of secularism in India is a much debated issue today.
8 March
What approach should India take in the management of its foreign affairs?
6 February
New Music From The Ends Of The Silk Route with the Aga Khan Music Initiative Ensemble
6 February
Asia Society India Centre hosted the inaugural Asia Arts Awards India in New Delhi.
23 January
How will distance learning and online learning impact education?