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Our focus topics

The questions we are asking in 2017

Asia Society Switzerland focuses on a set of strategic topics at any given time. We are continuously updating the list. For questions or thoughts, please reach out to us at [email protected]

How can we make cities more livable?

Past event: Parag Khanna and Klaus Wowereit on the future of city states.

How will Iran develop over the next few years, and what factors will influence it?

Past event: Philippe Welti and Ali Vaez on the fate of the Iran deal.

Upcoming event: The Iran Salon on March 23, 2017

Almost 20 years after the handover, how does Hong Kong’s future look like?

Past event: Franklin Lam on Hong Kong's golden future.

How can we teach global and intercultural competence in schools, universities, and the workplace?

How does “Asian Innovation” look like?

What effect will changing demographics have on countries around the world? How can we ensure a healthy and productive aging?