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25 January
ASYPG and the U.S.-China Bilateral Entrepreneurship Club gather to discuss the changing landscape of innovation in China and its relation to the Silicon Valley.
4 January
Kevin Rudd and Orville Schell discuss U.N. Summit on Climate Change just concluded in Paris and pivotal importance of U.S.-China cooperation
4 December
View a slideshow of program highlights in 2015.
3 November
A wide-ranging conversation on the growth potential of these Asian economic giants: China, India and Indonesia.
26 October
Wine exporters and vintners discuss the wine market in China
13 October
Experts discuss the historic signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its global implications
13 October
Academics, appraisers and collectors discuss Asian art and its market in the west.
25 September
ASNC kicks off its fall programming with a lively evening of food, entertainment and networking.
15 September
Artist Chitra Ganesh memorializes and celebrates social protests from around the world.
21 July
China Today: Society and the Individual is the second part of a two-part series organized in conjunction with the Museum’s newest exhibition, 28 Chinese.