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22 June
The story of Joseph Kim, a North Korean refugee and, now, the author of a new memoir, Under the Same Sky: Starvation in North Korea to Salvation in America.
12 June
ASNC, in partnership with the Asian Art Museum, hosted the first of a two-part panel series to complement the Asian's latest exhibition, 28 Chinese.
27 May
A two-part symposium on contemporary Asian Art and the Bay Area
27 May
Experts discussed the fraught state of affairs in U.S.- China relations in cybersecurity
2 April
A fascinating mix of North Korea watchers and writers gathered together on March 24, 2015 at Asia Society Northern California.
5 March
CA Governor Jerry Brown touts the state's leadership on climate at launch of new Asia Society report
27 February
Women leaders discuss stark absence of API women in high positions
17 February
Cheryl Haines spoke about how the @Large exhibit came about and what were some of the challenges in putting it together.
6 February
Experts discuss the future of the Chinese economy in the wake of a slowing global economy
30 January
Calling himself an “enthusiastic amateur,” Vikram Chandra described his infatuation with programming and drew some tantalizing connections between computer coding and creative writing.