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Special Event
Sunday 29 June 2014 - 1:45pm
Wednesday 25 June 2014 - 6:30pm
This presentation scrutinizes the communicative power of art via imagery created by Vietnamese refugees held in detention camps in Hong Kong 20 years ago.
Monday 23 June 2014 - 6:30pm
The fortunes of Bitcoin, the anonymous, decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, have fluctuated wildly.
Alexandre Yersin
Friday 20 June 2014 - 6:00pm
Documentary screening followed by a discussion, with Professor Roberto Bruzzone, on medical advances since Yersin’s groundbreaking discovery in Hong Kong.
Thursday 12 June 2014 - 5:00pm
Faced with mounting pressure, Moscow needs to pay much more attention to relations with non-Western actors, beginning with Asia.
Special Event
Sunday 8 June 2014 - 1:00pm
Join ASHK and BAML for a fun-filled day of activities while learning about environmental awareness!
Tuesday 3 June 2014 - 6:30pm
Presentation on early Yuan blue-and-white porcelain from the Jingdezhen Kiln site by May Huang, lecturer at the School of Ceramic Art, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.
Saturday 31 May 2014 - 2:00pm
Provides a stimulating environment for children to explore the theme of the exhibition and an opportunity to create their own silkworm series.
Saturday 31 May 2014 - 10:30am
Review the selection criteria for the Scholarships, which include intellectual achievement, personal character, demonstrated skill development and the instinct to lead.
Friday 30 May 2014 - 12:30pm
Provides a global perspective on building a resilient city in the face of these complex and constantly changing risks using Hong Kong, London and New York as examples.

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