Chinese Early Language Immersion Network

CELIN @ Asia Society

CELIN @ Asia Society

As part of Asia Society’s ongoing work to promote the development of Chinese in U.S. schools, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network at Asia Society (CELIN @ Asia Society).

Our Mission

CELIN was established to strengthen and expand Chinese language education in early childhood, primary grades, and immersion programs. With a focus on Chinese language education, we convene and work together with practitioners, researchers, policy makers, parents, and advocates for language learning across the United States and beyond.

CELIN activities include:

  • Making available an online directory of Chinese early language and immersion programs
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for information and resources on Chinese early language and immersion education on the Asia Society website and through a monthly newsletter, "Chinese Language Matters".
  • Identifying and sharing best practices in Chinese early language and immersion education, including in Confucius Classrooms
  • Supporting and providing professional development for educators and Chinese language teachers in early language and immersion programs by collaborating with professional organizations, teacher preparation programs, state certification agencies, and local education institutions
  • Supporting the development of curriculum, instruction, assessment, programs, and research in the areas of Chinese early language and immersion education

Stay in touch with the work of CELIN through Asia Society's monthly newsletter, "Chinese Language Matters". If you have resources and opportunities to share, or ideas for resources articles, please write to [email protected].