Asia 21 Action Lab

Initiated by the Asia 21 Class of 2015 and entirely run by Asia 21 alumni, the Asia 21 Action Lab seeks to to fill the critical gap in the organizational support ecosystem by leveraging the Asia 21 network to foster deeper collaboration, generate new ideas, and facilitate sustained engagement with clear purpose. In essence the lab was created to leverage the skills of the network to assist fellow Asia 21 Young Leaders to scale their organizational impact and work toward meaningful change.  

Mission: Support organizations founded or led by Asia 21 Young Leaders, to accelerate their growth and scale the impact of their work in addressing Asia’s most pressing issues

Vision: An Asia 21alumni-led program that systematically mobilizes Asia 21 network in-kind resources for selected Asia 21 originations, through on-site workshops that establish enduring and active connections between alumni in support of organizational development

Key Features

Annual organization selection process: Each year a group of 5-10 high potential organizations from within the Asia 21 Network are be selected to participate in the Action Lab program. Organizations are be selected based on their ability to benefit from the program as well as their potential to create impactful change in the region. Organizations at various stages of development are encouraged to apply.

On-site workshops: Workshops or “Action Labs” take place annually at an easily accessible and affordable location within Asia to convene a group of roughly 15-20 participants. Participants include Asia 21 Alumni involved in the organizations selected as well as those who wish to contribute toward furthering the outcome of these projects. The program consists of roughly 3-4 days of workshops to dissect the challenges faced by each organization and propose ways to address them in optimal ways.

Advisors/Mentors: The Asia 21 Network, made up of almost 900 young leaders, includes experts with diverse skill sets that can be harnessed to help organizations achieve their goals. Advisors are be selected from different classes of alumni with a wide range of expertise.