2016 Asia 21 Action Lab

Asia 21 Young Leaders in Kathmandu, Nepal

From October 6-10, 2016 a group of ten Asia 21 Young Leaders gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal to pilot the idea of an Asia 21 Action Lab. The focus of the workshop was to help five organizations founded and led by Asia 21 Fellows accelerate growth and scale impact.

The five organizations selected were:

• Action Lab 1: Saathi Pads, Kristin Kagetsu (Class of 2015)
• Action Lab 2: Clinic 5, Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa (Class of 2015)
• Action Lab 3: KTK-BELT, Rajeev Goyal (Class of 2015)
• Action Lab 4: Asia 21 Impact Accelerator Fund, Emily Chew (Class of 2015)
• Action Lab 5: Kehi Garoun, Umanga Pandey (Class of 2015)

As a result, the idea for the Asia 21 Action Lab emerged.



Feedback from Action Lab participants: 

-  "By the end of the retreat I felt much more relaxed and confident about how to approach my co-founders about certain issues and make concrete changes"

Kristin Kagetsu, Saathi Pads

-  "I was able to see my blind spots, receive very tangible action points and new ideas that I wouldn’t have had, had such a collaborative exercise not occurred."

Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa, Clinic 5

-  "The most rewarding part was to discover new and important elements of their work/motivation. Overwhelmed with daily activities, presenters often come to an ‘aha’ moment when they discover that there may be things they had not previously thought about."

Umganda Pandey, Kehi Garoun