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The Asia Society Book Club

«Wish Lanterns» by Alec Ash

We are excited to launch “The Asia Society Book Club” where you can have regular discussions around books from or about Asia with other members and staff of Asia Society Switzerland.

At our first meeting we will discuss «Wish Lanterns» by British author and journalist Alec Ash, who is based in Beijing since 2008. His first book follows the lives of six young Chinese, all born after 1980. Through their stories we gain insights on how this generation is struggling with China's rapid development, and what dreams and hopes young Chinese people have. Read the summary here » 

We will meet for a discussion after the summer holidays on August 31, so you have plenty of time to read.


Registration is free and for members of Asia Society Switzerland only. (How can I become a member of Asia Society Switzerland?)

Suggest a Book

If you have any interesting reading recommendations, please let us know so we can consider them for our next meeting.



Event Details

Thu 31 Aug 2017
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Kaffeehaus zur Weltkugel
Bärengasse 20
8001 Zürich
(2min walk from Paradeplatz)