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Submit Your Students' Work, Win Prizes

Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning has been collaborating with the Council of Chief State School Officers and their EdSteps program to define Global Competency. Help us with this important research by submitting your students' globally focused work. Please see invitation and instructions below. Every time you submit a piece of work, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for $500 Staples gift certificates. The more you submit, the greater your chances.


EdSteps invites you to participate in an exciting new project to transform the teaching and assessing of key skills in students of all ages. EdSteps is collecting samples of work that demonstrate Global Competency as part of a ground-breaking effort to assess student performance using real examples of work done by students and professionals from across the nation and throughout the world.

Why Global Competency?

Today’s students are entering into a world vastly different from that of the 20th century. Schools and communities need to prepare their young people to succeed in this new global environment. For our students’ well-being, the vitality of our communities and the welfare of our entire nation we must cultivate the knowledge, skills and passion in students that will enable them to recognize the challenges and opportunities of an interconnected world and contribute to its improvement. Better approaches to teaching and assessing student work that address issues of global significance both world wide and in their own neighborhood are essential to a world-class education system.

A Call for Work Demonstrating Global Competency

EdSteps seeks work done by students and professionals from the U.S. and around the world that demonstrates global competency: the knowledge, skills and disposition to understand and act creatively on issues of global significance. EdSteps will publish the work online to show examples of global competency at various levels of expertise. Once the work is published, it will help teachers strengthen instruction and better evaluate student work and provide examples for students to help them strive for greater achievement. To accomplish these goals, we need your help and professional judgment.

We invite your students to submit work that:

1. Presents and weighs evidence on issues of global significance or important local issues faced by others in the world

2. Considers their own and others’ perspectives

3. Communicates ideas clearly and appropriately to diverse audiences

4. Illustrates options for responsible action to improve the situation, concern or condition.

Learn more and submit student work today. Visit the EdSteps website to get started.