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14 May
California Governor Brown argues for California's comeback at Asia Society Northern California's 2012 Annual Dinner.
7 May
The President and CEO of Union Bank offers a glimpse of what it's like to attend public school in New York, fall in love with baseball and lead a global company.
5 May
How the sector of clean tech will be turning away from West? Are China and India ripe for innovative thoughts and ideas?
5 May
On May 11, Asia Society Northern California (ASNC) will honor Masashi Oka, President and CEO of Union Bank, at its 9th Annual Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.
13 April
Student delegates from Taiwan, Mainland China, and the US had an intense week of panel discussions on cross-strait relations.
10 April
Clayton Dube, Executive Director of the US–China Institute at the University of Southern California, delivered a lecture titled "Taiwan Elections: Process, Outcomes, and Implications"
1 April
Ambassador Nicholas Platt who accompanied President Nixon on the his historic trip to China in 1972 spoke at an event organized by Asia Society at UC Berkeley.
30 March
With China's recent economic and industrial boom, the region seemed to become a topic of concern in America simply because of the competition that challenged America's position in the world.
15 March
Asia Society's Young Professionals Groups (YPG) hosted a LINsanity! happy hour event.
13 March
ASNC's Sustainability Program Manager, Daniel Tien Simon, delves into the issue of China's rapid urban development as we at ASNC prepare for "Building China's Urban Future".