The unexpected earthquake last Thursday provided students with an extra week to study and prepare for this life-defining exam, suneung.
In the penultimate episode of Asia Society Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage Series, we visited Haeinsa Temple, a site that has been on the heritage list since 1995.
As part of our interview series, we caught up with Mr. Ha-kyung Choi, President of the Korean Heritage Society.
Asia Society Korea continues its World Heritage Series this month by previewing the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty.
Asia Society Korea visited the fortress for this month’s episode of our UNESCO World Heritage Series.
Zandari Festa is an annual music showcase event that takes place in Seoul each fall.
Asia Society Korea visited the Gyeongju Historic Areas, an area often labelled as “the world’s largest museum without walls.”
Seoul Community Radio (SCR) is one of Korea's leading music channels supporting the country’s underground creative music and arts communities.
South Korean organizations believe they will be able to devise better strategies for information dissemination in the North Korean context.
Asia Society Korea’s Matthew Fennell caught up with the book's author Mark Russell to discuss the new publication.