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23 April
Physiognomy scholar Sang-Jin Rho was the guest speaker for Asia Society Korea Center’s April Luncheon Lecture.
23 April
We met up with the Otis Korea team to talk about innovation and what the future holds for the company.
6 April
Andrew Salmon met with the Korea Center’s contributing writer Matthew Fennell to talk about his new book, Modern Korea.
6 April
American Barney Battista explains that Musok is a Korean shamanistic practice which pre-dates Korea’s present day established religions; it is common to call it Korea’s original religion.
30 March
The Jordanian ambassador to Korea shares his views on how the Korean drama Misaeng has played an important role in bringing the two cultures closer to each other.
18 March
Nathan McMurray, our Contributing Writer, shares his views on the recent attack on H.E. Mark Lippert, US Ambassador to Korea.
18 March
We looked into the strength of the “Panokseon”, the Korean vessel used in the Myeongnyang battle in 1597 and how its characteristics played a crucial part in the victory.
16 March
The Asia Society Korea Center met up with Mr. Revere to discuss the success of the magazine as part of the Center's “Innovation Series.”
11 March
An important and celebrated day in the life of a Korean infant is “Baek-il”, and is held on the 100th day after the child’s birth.
8 March
US Ambassador Lippert and the Korean people vow to strengthen relations in response to knife atttack.