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Partnership for Global Learning

Are America's rising generation given every opportunity to succeed? (RBFried/

Are America's rising generation given every opportunity to succeed? (RBFried/

The Asia Society Partnership for Global Learning is an innovative educational movement. Its purpose is to provide leadership and structure to move international education from the margins to the mainstream by connecting policy and practice to prepare American students to excel in an interconnected world. Through publications, conferences, workshops, newsletters, policy briefs and online resources, the Partnership for Global Learning provides:

  • effective K-12 strategies for integrating international education content across the curriculum
  • successful approaches to creating world language programs
  • ways to “make the case” for global competence
  • policy innovations and funding resources to advance international education
  • approaches to international benchmarking to support innovation
  • preparation for teachers to teach about the world
  • ways to harness technology and create new opportunities for international collaboration
  • an understanding of how international education promotes academic excellence and equity for all students

Why international knowledge and skills?

From science and culture to sports and politics, ideas and capital are crossing borders and spanning the world. The globalization of business, the advances in technology, and the acceleration of migration increasingly require the ability to work on a global scale. As a result of this new connectivity, our high school graduates will need to be far more knowledgeable about world regions and global issues, and able to communicate across cultures and languages.

Our students must emerge from schools college-ready and globally competent, prepared to compete, connect, and cooperate with their generation around the world. Parents, teachers, policymakers, and business leaders have begun to respond to this reality and are seeking to redesign education to focus on learning for the 21st century. However, the U.S. education system has not yet created an environment to prepare every student for the globalized world. To move international education from the margins to the mainstream, we must work together to ensure an environment of excellence and equity in a global era.


Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning connects state and district decision makers, school leaders, teachers, universities, and other stakeholders to:

  • Increase the supply of K-12 schools with the capacity to graduate college ready, globally competent youth by integrating international knowledge and skills throughout the curriculum
  • Increase the demand for international education by raising awareness, creating policy priority, and increasing resources for education about the world
  • How will the Partnership do this? Learn more about our activities.

About Asia Society

The mission of Asia Society’s Education Program is to ensure that the next generation of K-12 students in the United States is prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of an increasingly interdependent world. The Education Program has been working towards a nationwide commitment to make international knowledge and skills a top priority, creating models and resources for schools around the United States, and engaging U.S. education leaders with their counterparts in Asia and around the world.