Chinese Language Textbooks, Catalogs, and Publishers

Materials should be age-appropriate and engaging. Photo: Asia Society.

Materials should be age-appropriate and engaging. Photo: Asia Society.

Chinese language teachers throughout America agree: there is no perfect textbook for teaching Chinese. Most teachers turn to creating a syllbus that includes teaching and learning materials from many sources. What should one look for when choosing materials? Read our related article, Advice for Choosing Instructional Materials. Here is a listing of publishers who have Chinese language teaching and learning materials for your consideration:

Asia For Kids | link

Offers a wide range of Chinese instructional and learner-centered materials. See their afterschool Chinese curriculum, for one.

The Bess Press Inc. | link

See their Chinese Word Book with Audio CD by Jiang An, among other titles.

Cheng & Tsui Company | link

Especially relevant titles include Hanyu Textbooks by Peter Chang; I Can Read by The Greenfield Educational Centre; Chinese Made Easy by Yamin Ma and Xinying Li

China Books & Periodicals | link 

See in particular their section on Reading Materials in Chinese for age-appropriate materials, but don't miss their vast range of cultural materials for enrichment activities. China Books is also the publisher of the popular ChinesePod, which are Chinese lessons delivered on audio .mp3 format, so learners can take Chinese lessons to go.

ChinaSoft | link

See Ni Hao

EMC Publishing | link

Publishing Chinese materials for grades kindergarten through 12.

The Far East Book Company | link

Far East Chinese for Youth edited by Wei-ling Wu and Wang Shuhan; Far East Chinese Culture for Children by Marisa Fang and Helen Ma Jung

Far Eastern Publications | link

Communicating in Chinese by Cynthia Ning; Tell it Like It Is! by Jianqi Wang

ChinaSprout | link

DVDs, story books, and children's literature compliments their selection of language learning materials.

[People's Republic of China] National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban) | link

New Practical Chinese Reader by Liu Xun

BetterChinese | link

My First Chinese Words, beginner series/ preschool and kindergarten; My First Chinese Reader, intermediate series/elementary school; Magical Tour of China, advanced series/middle school

Pearson Prentice Hall | link

Chinese Link by Sue-mei Wu, Yueming Yu, Yanhui Zhang, and Weizhong Tian