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Meet Our Young Leaders

Each year, the Asia Society selects a class of 20-25 candidates for the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative. The Asia 21 class is a core group of young leaders representing multiple countries and a wide range of fields. The group meets twice during their fellowship: during the actual Summit during the fall, and in the following Spring where they explore critical issues and engage with their public service project with the recipient of the award.

At the beginning of each Summit is a Forum that has two classes of Fellows who arrive at different times but overlap to pass on best practices, to meet each other, and to enhance the Asia 21 network.

Useful Links

The Network - Find out the nationality, sector, and demographic breakdown of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Network.

Asia 21 Directory - If you are a general user and interested in looking up who is in the Asia 21 network, you may access the public site with the following credentials:

Email: [email protected]
Password: public