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Video: Antony Gormley Returns to ASHK

by Jerome Yau
14 March 2017

HONG KONG, March 14, 2017 — Sir Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon sculptures left Hong Kong, but one returned. He’s fallen in love with our city and wants to stay. Visit him and other artworks at Asia Society Hong Kong Center. Entry is free.

Sir Antony and his Event Horizon sculptures have traveled the world together – London, New York, Rotterdam, Rio di Janeiro, São Paulo, Hong Kong – but this time, one came back. Perched on the rooftop of Asia Society Hong Kong Center for six months last year, the sculpture peered out over the city from dawn till dusk, through rain, fog and shine. He saw the energy and spirit of the city and its people first-hand – and he fell in love.

For us at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, we grew accustomed to the stoic presence of the sculpture on our roof. We greeted him in the morning and saluted him farewell as we left at the end of the day. To say we were fond of him is a massive understatement. He had become to us, a symbol of resilience, patience and empowerment. He was more than a piece of art. He was one of us. When he left with the others, we never dreamed we’d see him again. But, luckily for us, he’s back, encouraging us to look up, take notice and reflect on our own position in the world.

Our sculpture has found a place that feels like home and we’re happy to have him.