What is Global Competence?

The world is demanding citizens and workers have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to act creatively and effectively on issues of global significance. And American schools are trying to respond to this urgent demand.

Asia Society, in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers and their EdSteps program, has been working on a framework to define what globally competent students--from elementary to high school--should know and be able to do. See the global competency definition

Students’ voices should be heard, in this country and around the globe, on what can be done to make a difference on critical issues facing the world, or issues locally that provide the building blocks for them to later take on issues of global significance. 

As such, Asia Society invites educators to be a part of a ground-breaking effort to assess student global competency. We are collecting samples of work that demonstrate student global knowledge and skills at various developmental levels. Once the work is published, it will help teachers strengthen instruction and better evaluate student work and provide examples for students to help them strive for greater achievement.

With each submission, you will be entered into a regular drawing for $500 Staples gift certificates. Learn more and get involved (PDF download).

The Global Competency Committee is a project of The Council of Chief State School Officers, and chaired by Dr. Anthony Jackson, Asia Society's vice president for education programs. The Committee is made up of members of various state departments of education, school leaders and other organizations dedicated to promoting global competency. The work is made possible through a generous grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.