Teaching for Global Competence

New Online Global Competence Program Offered in Partnership with Arizona State University

High-quality teacher training program + Innovative online learning environment = Millions of globally competent students

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society is excited to announce a new online global competence education program designed to help K–12 educators incorporate project-based learning on global issues within their existing curriculum. This unique approach to developing global competence through deeper learning strategies successfully equips students for employability and citizenship in the global era. While previously only accessible to Asia Society partner schools, the online program now brings this critical and relevant content to any educator around the world.

The online program provides interactive, high-quality, and self-paced online courses that are:

  • Designed to help educators see how global competence education assists students in meeting curriculum standards
  • Organized to help educators design and facilitate projects that are student led, inquiry based, authentic, and rooted in real-world global issuesAre your students prepared to succeed in a highly complex global economy? 75 million youth are unemployed. Less than half of employers report there are enough qualified entry-level candidates. From McKinsey’s Education to Employment Report
  • Full of easy-to-use tools and resources on project-based learning, performance assessment, and other deeper learning strategies
  • Structured so educators can immediately apply learning to any subject or grade level
  • Aligned with OECD’s assessment framework for the PISA 2018 Global Competence exam
  • In support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal target 4.7 on Global Citizenship Education

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